3 Solutions for Being Allergic to Cats

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Having pets at home is absolutely fun. We treat them as part of the family. We give them a bath, feed them and a lot of other things to do for their survival. One of the most favorite pets of several households is a cat. Like other pets, a cat is domesticated for some reasons like having a pet to make fun of, to decrease the number of rats at home and the like. If in case there is a member of your family who is asthmatic and allergic to cats, would you still prefer cat as your pet? Or would you opt for aquarium fish instead? There is nothing for you to worry about for your loved ones because there are solutions for being allergic to cats and we will discuss in this article the top 3 basic and most important ones.

The symptoms of allergy to cats are typically minor and manageable. The suggestions of this article can be used for minor cases of symptoms to reduce the risk of having or decreasing the effects of an allergic reaction. The first solution is to give you cat a bath regularly. It is fact that cats do not like getting wet but do not let this be the reason for you to not give your cat a bath. This is beneficial both for the cat and for you. Bathing can effectively remove dander and saliva off its hair. You are required to make use of temperate water temperature and a shampoo. After a successful bath, it is well for you to show your gratitude to your pet by giving somewhat a form of reward like a delicious food for its "cooperation".

The second suggested solution for being allergic to cats is to prohibit your pet from entering you bedroom. If you are allergic to cats, it is not a good idea for you to let them use you bed or sleep with them. Permanently ban you cat from your bedroom to get rid of various allergens stuck anywhere inside the room. This tip can be hard to do for you because you do not want your cat to feel unloved or rejected but this is one good thing for you. You spend maybe eight hours a day to sleep in your bedroom. This is quite a long period of time for you to stay with pet dander. You must also see to it that the door of your bedroom is closed at all times so that any intrusion of your cat can never happen.

The third trip you can consider is to clean rugs and upholstery by vacuuming. These are prone to dander and hair drop off your cat. All types of vacuum cleaner will do but it is best for you to opt for one that features a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtering system. This vacuum cleaning must be done when the asthmatic or allergic family member is away from home and avoid having such family member doing the cleaning.

These are merely 3 of the numerous solutions to cat allergy. You should consider them all so that the risk of allergic reactions to this pet can be reduced.

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3 Solutions for Being Allergic to Cats

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This article was published on 2011/05/07