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Has your cat got one or both eyes reddened or swollen for some time now? Is your cat squinting sometimes or constantly? Maybe it is just a watery discharge from their eyes. If any of these has happened, then your cat might be suffering from cat eye conjunctivitis, which some people call the "squinting Cat" or pink eye.

For some cats this problem might be on and off, while in others it could last for a few months or in worst case scenarios; for years or sadly the entire life time of your beloved pet. I am sure you are asking what cat eye conjunctivitis is by the way. Cat eye conjunctivitis or pink eye is an inflammation of the mucous membrane which surrounds the eyeball.

How do you know if your cat has conjunctivitis?

There are tell-tale signs which should immediately alert you that all is not well with your pet. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Squinting - If your cat starts squinting intermittently or constantly, it might be a sign that the eye is infected.
  • Watery discharge - if you start to notice a discharge from your cat's eye(s), then this might also be another sign of problems. The watery discharge might just be clear, but in some cases thick.
  • If the conjunctiva becomes reddened, swollen or thickened. When any of these happens then it is likely that your pet has got cat conjunctivitis.
  • Sometimes when the eye is infected or irritated, you might notice your cat rubbing their eyes with their paws or against a wall.
  • Dull or cloudy iris (colored part of the eye). In some cases, the colored part of the eye becomes dull or cloudy.
  • To be very sure that your pet has got cat conjunctivitis, you may need to see a vet for tests to be carried out.

Cat Conjunctivitis Treatment

The good news is that this condition in your cat can be treated. In some cases treatment might just be conventional treatment such as topical or oral antibiotics. For cases where your pet does not respond to this kind of conventional treatment, antiviral medications may be used.

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Disclaimer: Any information here or on pages linked to this page DOES NOT replace a visit to the veterinarian; please take your cat to a Vet immediately at any sign or symptoms of illness or injury.

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Cat Eye Conjunctivitis

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This article was published on 2010/03/29