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If you own a cat then you have Cat Tales of your own, guaranteed. This tale is from my youth and about my first Siamese Seal Point cat, his name was Singh.

Living in Florida in the 1960's was a simple lifestyle, we lived in a pool home with a screened enclosure. Singh was an indoor cat who had the joy of access to the pool area where he spent time watching the wildlife of the area stop by in their travels. This was the life for this cat, open airy space with birds to watch, sunshine, a warm pool deck to lay on. All was bliss until that fateful day.

A squirrel came to visit and ran up to the roof portion of the screen enclosure. This was not an unusual act for the squirrels of the neighborhood, however, this day Singh took exception to the act and decided to give chase. The cat went up the screen side panel as if it had stairs. When he continued onto the angled back roof panel he was hanging upside down. So far, so good. The squirrel panics and moves into retreat across the screened roof away from the approaching cat.

Enter my Dad, running from in the house he yells out "Singh, get down!!!". Singh is now over the deep end of the pool at its edge. The cat reacts to my Dad's insistence by letting go of the screen where he is hanging upside down attempts landing on the pool deck edge. Singh, in an error of judgment, misses the edge of the deck and lands in the water! In the grand fashion of all cartoon cats he rides to the drain on the slope of the pool as if he were skidding to a stop down a hill front legs extended compensating for the angle!

The priceless part was that once Singh was stopped on the drain, he looked left, then right, then up towards the surface. Meanwhile my Dad is emptying the pockets of his shorts, kicking off his shoes and preparing to rescue the cat! Singh now pushes off the drain, headed to the surface toward the opposite side of the pool from my Dad and this was the long way out of the pool. He broke the surface and swam like a pro for the edge of the pool. Singh then climbed out of the pool and made his way to the house and into my room completely avoiding my Dad as he went!

I learned that cats can swim quite well and do not seem to have a problem with being underwater! Just because they usually avoid water doesn't mean they cannot negotiate it! This has been just one of my Cat Tales, I hope you enjoyed it.

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This article was published on 2010/03/31