Cat Training Aids - Common Cat Essentials

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Cats are traditionally independent and clean creatures.

You may have observed that cat training, unlike dog training is seldom promoted or does it even exist?

Well, yes it does.

These furry buddies are also very trainable just like their dog counterparts. In fact, with the right aids and techniques, you can train your cat and enhance their attitudes or you can even try to teach some tricks.

When it comes to training your cat, you may need more than just some teaching tools. As any good pupil knows, effective training partners include a good teacher along with a student who is ready to learn!

For this reason, it's very important that you as the teacher to be well informed on the subject at hand.

Training aids can be great in helping your teach your cat the behaviors that you want them to have. However, it is very important that you are sure to know how to effectively use these aids or else your cat could get very confused!

Let's take a quick look at some of the basic training aids for cats.

Feeding bowl- You may not be aware or have even thought of this but, this is one of the best basic cat training aids that you probably already have. The goal here is to alleviate your cat begging at the table, especially when it's dinner time. It's important that you establish a consistent feeding time with your cat. At those times when your cat decides to beg at your table, you should escort your cat immediately to where the feeding bowl with its food is located. This may be a bit of a difficult lesson to teach, but it will eventually save you many stressful meals.

Scratching post- Cats instinctively have the habit of scratching things up as a natural way to sharpen their claws. To prevent your furry friend from clawing your things around the house, like your best furniture, a scratching post is your aid here. Simply take your cat to the scratching post every time you feel that your little buddy is about to satisfy its need scratch on something.

Treats- Are a basic staple to almost any type of training (even for us humans!) One of the basic training aids that you can use when you teach some tricks, like sit or lie down, is to get a box of their favorite treats. Nothing works quite as well when it come to training, as a tempting little snack in exchange for the desired response.

Water spray -Has been used for decades and this is one of the useful tools to counter bad behaviors. A little squirt of water at the appropriate time when your cat has a mental lapse and temporarily lost their manners goes a long way as a gentle reminder.

Litter box- This is one training aid no cat owner should do without. Actually, this probably one of the first products that you should have purchased. Toilet training your cat can be a be a very simple process... but obviously not without a good litter box.

As you probably know there are a litany of cat training aids that you can get to make raising your kitty a breeze... but these five cat training aids will be a good start for any cat owner and they are most likely already in your home!

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Cat Training Aids - Common Cat Essentials

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This article was published on 2010/04/03