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The sound of every species of the animal kingdom is very unique and intriguing. From the pleasant chirps of birds to the deep roars of lions one will surely have fun just listening to them. To most of us it is the sound of our house pets that seem to be the most frequent and heartwarming to hear. Perhaps the animal with the most intriguing and captivating sound is the cat. Cats are normally very silent creatures but they are still capable of producing a sound called a "meow" which can range from very high pitches to very low tones. 

Cats meow for many reasons and due to a lot of circumstances they experience and encounter. One thing that may cause your cats meowing is of course their biology or their natural bodily functions. Cats meow primarily due to their sexual hormones and drives.

When a female cat is in heat or in estrus, she will meow very loudly continuously and incessantly. Her meows invite nearby male cats letting them know that she is ready to mate and reproduce. Female cats in heat have meows that are very high and loud and often painful sounding, which will usually cause inexperienced owners to worry and be troubled. The sound she produces is completely normal in female cats and she will continue to call every two to three weeks until she has been successfully mated. Having her spayed will also cause the meowing and the behaviors associated with her desire to mate to cease.

Male cats meowing very loudly and incessantly, are caterwauling meaning they are answering the mating calls of the female cat in heat. They do this so they can get to know each other better before the start of mating and copulation. If mating has been done successfully, all cats will go back to their normal state which is being relatively silent.

Meowing in cats may also be done in order to communicate with you that they want something or want to have something done for them. An example of such authoritative status is when a cat asks one, particularly his or her owner, for food and water. The cat may produce sweet meows and try to lead you to his or her food and water bowl by looking at you while trying to explain what he requires. Sometimes a cat just wants and demands attention, he or she may meow and rub herself against your leg to you to show that she is being affectionate and that you should give her the attention and petting she wants and demands. Due to the cat's innate intelligence, they are able to produce a variety of cat meows that they utilize in order to gain what they want and desire, as they have learned this is the best way to communicate with humans.
The sound of cats meowing may be melodious to some due to its tiny and sweet sound. To others it can be quite irritating and annoying especially if done at three o'clock in the morning when everyone is asleep except for those nocturnal and intelligent creatures we call cats.

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Cats Meowing

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This article was published on 2010/04/02