Has Your Cat Chosen You?

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You have already chosen your cat. But have you ever wondered whether your cat has chosen you? Knowing these small tips will help you find the answer for that question. They can help you a lot in building a great rapport with your pet. If a cat starts purring immediately when you start petting it, then that is a good sign .It's the sign which says it trusts you. The trust is so important. Be a trusted companion. We are in the cats' world. That is different from the dogs' world. Dogs have masters but cats don't.

Forget about being a dictator in front of your cat unless you want it to hate you. Cats are much proud animals. But if you truly love them they would love you back very much It is said that cats wave their tales to show their anger. But I don't think this is true all the time. They wave their tale when they are playing or up to some hunting too. But it is wise to watch out as they can be much aggressive when they are angry. And you know they got sharp teeth and nails right? Don't get involved when they are too angry. If you can spend a little time with a cat each day, it will adore you. Unlike humans it will show that to you by peeping secretly behind you, or sometimes running in front of you (especially if it is a kitten). You should always feed them on time. There is no proper time for it.

But they are much aware of the time you usually feed them. So remember to do it even when you are busy with your own work. Kittens love to play after meals. It is said that if you can play with them, that makes their stress level go low. Believe me! It can lower your stress level too. Pay attention to ridiculous things they do. When they know you are paying attention, they will be encouraged to do more. This way you can have lot of fun with them. But when it exceeds the limit, it is okay to interrupt .Yet I don't think punishing much helps to stop their bad behaviors. Instead of changing the behavior they will start to run away from you thinking that you are someone to be afraid of. This happens since they cannot understand the reason. So be careful with it. You may find much easier ways to stop bad behaviors from animal behavior specialists (using internet). Have a nice time with your pet and be the first choice of your chosen pet. That way both parties will be satisfied about the relationship.

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Has Your Cat Chosen You?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03