How to Understand Aggressive Cat Behavior

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If you are a cat owner, you know very well that even if your cat acts very calm, social and loving, it doesn't mean that they are like that all the time. Many cats will occupy themselves primarily with eating, sleeping, playing a little, and sitting on a window sill. You will think there is no reason that they will ever be aggressive towards you. But you may find out that you were wrong about your cat; he or she may become aggressive all of a sudden and surprise you.

It is not uncommon to react with fear when you see your mild tempered cat behaving aggressively. After a while you start wondering "where did it come from?" You may wonder whether or not the cat is sick. You might even be worried that your cat may become a danger to you and your family.

You have to have immediate answers. Of course you need to protect yourself, but don't forget that your pet is prone to give in to instincts that we do not understand. Before you contact your cat's vet, there are some things you need to think about.

The number one thing you need to understand that even domestic cats are predators. They come from a line of animals that get their food through hunting activities. Some of this nature is definitely still in your cat. Your mild tempered cat is a hunter. This is the most likely reason why you might have experienced aggressive behavior such as attack attempts from your cat.

After noticing an aggressive behavior from their cat, owners start wondering if they feeding their cat adequately. I have to tell you that it doesn't matter; as I said earlier, the hunting instinct is in them and sometimes they just feel the need to hunt. Maybe you've experienced your cat killing a fly, a mouse, or a bird, or at least intending to do so. It is very common for your cat to act like this especially when they are hungry.

If you want to determine what causes your cat to behave aggressively, think about the event for a moment, especially what preceded it. Maybe your cat only tried to catch your foot because it was moving as you were walking by them? If this is the case, your cat was only playing with you. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Jumping all of the sudden at your feet may also happen because of the misleading shape of your foot. It may seem similar to some of your cat's toys that they usually chase. Your cat's instinct is the reason why we give them toys: they instinctively need something to play with.

A cat's intelligence is not as good as a human's and they cannot reason the same way that you do. That's why you sometimes get scratched while playing with your cat. They don't actually want to hurt you; they where just playing with you. Cats don't see things as you do. Sometimes the way they play is brutal.

Another thing that would lead to your cat's aggression is his or her deep need to control their territory. When your cat is the only pet in the house and a strange animal enters their territory, they feel threatened. No one will take away their couch, their bowl, or their place on your lap. Your cat will fight for those things with their teeth and claws. Also, consider how your cat reacts to a strange child. Usually, children are safe, but sometimes a strange, fast-moving child can cause the cat to be frustrated, angry or scared and this may lead to aggressive behavior.

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How to Understand Aggressive Cat Behavior

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This article was published on 2010/04/03