Keep Your Cat Looking Great With The Best Cat Grooming Supplies

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Although cats like to groom themselves, there are times when you need to give them a little help, especially if you allow them in your bed or when you have kids in the house. To do this, you need cat grooming supplies. The following are the basic cat grooming supplies that you will need.

Brushes and combs

Cat grooming supplies, like brushes, will depend on the kind of fur your kitten has. For example, you use slicker brushes on cats with short hair. This type of brush eliminates unwanted hair while being gentle on your cat's skin. Shedding combs are another type of grooming tool that is good for long-haired cats. Long-haired cats like Persians and Main Coons need daily grooming, and you can do this while being gentle on your cat by using shedding combs. Aside from regular brushes and combs, you will also need deshedding tools for your long-haired cats.

Scissors and nail trimmers

Your cat's claws can become really sharp so you may need to trim them from time to time. There are ideal nail trimming options, especially those that come with the guillotine-type of mechanism for cutting your cat's nails. Another less painful alternative is soft claws nail caps, which you can use instead of cutting your pet's nails. You simply slip these over your cat's  nails.

Grooming glove

A grooming glove is one way to bond with your cat while grooming it. The glove allows you to keep its coat free of loose undercoat, which often traps dust, dander, and mites.

Dental kit

Another important tool that you should have in your arsenal is a dental kit. This comes with a toothbrush as well as a tube of cat toothpaste.

Cat supplies are available online. You will find great options for pet supplies such as cat beds, cat food, and cat furniture in most online stores


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Keep Your Cat Looking Great With The Best Cat Grooming Supplies

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This article was published on 2010/12/28