Methods to Stop Destructive Cat Scratching Behavior

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Feline scratching is an inborn behavior and because of this, you cannot get your cat to prevent the scratching by chasing her away, spraying water, hitting or yelling. No matter what you do, they will still have to scratch.

Cat scratching trees come in many sizes and varieties. If you have more than one cat, get hold of or construct a tree structure that has several nesting places so that both cats can enjoyably share their 'play' area. Cat scratching trees are also a good option because they often combine horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces and offer many textures and materials in one tree. More choices means more activity and exercise for your cat.

Praise Kitty when she uses her new poll. Put it close to where she sleeps because scratching places pheromones in the paw pads on the surface, and when Kitty gets up, she wants everyone to know that this is her singular territory! Praise her and tell her 'Good Kitty' and pet her to make it an happy event. You will have to be watchful at first and endeavor to catch her in the act of scratching your furniture. Commend her whenever you spy her using the new tree, and bit by bit bring it nearer to a preferred location, away from her old favorite. You may want to set it up near her normal resting place.

Punishment is unlikely to have any useful result at all. Your cat simply will not understand it if you try to chastise her in any way for something she has done, cats do not attach punishment to the "crime", they are far more likely to relate the punishment to you! Punishment in all cases is counter productive.

Covering a favored scratching location with tinfoil, sand paper, double-sided sticky tape or plastic carpet runner (pointy side up) makes the surface uncomfortable to scratch. Once the wrong scratching habit has been eliminated and the cat has learned to favor the pole, the covering can be removed. Cover that side of the couch with double-sided sticky tape that is totally unattractive to your cat (the tape can easily be detached for entertaining company). This will repel your cat away from your couch and right there is a post that they will love. Shortly the cat will understand where they should scratch.

If you build your own post cover the it with rope instead of with carpet, the last thing that you want to do is give your cat the idea that it is OK for her to claw the carpet!

Sisal is a very lasting material, and will last a long time. Also, if you put a little catnip on the scratching tree, you can draw them right to it. Sisal is a good rough material for covering the scratching post as it is very durable and cats like to sharpen their claws on such surfaces.

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Methods to Stop Destructive Cat Scratching Behavior

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This article was published on 2010/03/31