Nyan Cat: The Original Pop Tart Cat

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Meow... Meow... Not now... It's one thing to see a cat do crazy things and another to own a cat that does... Well crazy things. Nyan Cat fits our category for craziness, uniqueness and a good laugh for you and your buddies.

What's that? It appears there is a poptart casually flying through the air with a cat head and tail... What's that? A rainbow is spawning from behind.. could this be "one of those videos"?  Nyan Cat has arrived and it has proved to be a huge hit, could it possibly be the next rick roll, one this is for sure the video is spreading like wildfire, now there is Nyan Cat merchandise and even a Nyan Cat Game.

If you are like any internet user or more specifically video lover i'm sure at one point or another you have seen a cat do something absolutely crazy, maybe it was right in front of you or perhaps it was through the eyes of a video player or television. Cats are know for doing crazy things, it's just not the same when you see a dog get stuck in a window or fall from a two-story building etc... Nyan Cat isn't your typical cat, seeing that he could very well be tomorrow mornings breakfast (poptarts).

For those of you who haven't seen the video allow me to briefly explain what Nyan Cat is, Nyan Cat is a cartoon animation created in Japan of a little cat with a pop tart body that flies through space singing "nanananana, nyan, nyan". If I said there was more to the video I would be lying, the clip plays for four minutes, of course now there is an extended version which plays for a full hours for those of you who want to be extremely annoyed.

Nyan Cat now has merchadise including shirts (and even poptarts?)  along with a Nyan Cat Flash Game and website where you can time how long you can listen to the sining cat dreadfully sing your ears to a ringing death, don't just take my word for it, if you have yet to see this popular video craze you should check it out yourself... that is if you dare of course.

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Nyan Cat: The Original Pop Tart Cat

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This article was published on 2011/04/27