Stopping Your Cat’s Attempt To Spray

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Your cat is spraying on an object if it lifts its tail up and then urinates on the object. What is spraying? When a cat spurt out some urine, it means it is marking its territory. There are people who think that the cat is falsely identifying the object as  its litter box; it is really just a means for a cat to mark that the object or place as part of its territory. It is normal for them to spray and usually it is ordinarily done by cats outdoors. However, there are cats that could not help but spray indoors as well. As an owner, you may be turned off by this cat behavior because it entails added chores for you to do. However, there is a way out of this problem.

When cats spray, it may either be one of three reasons: (1) they are marking  that spot, (2) they are in heat or (3) they want to relieve their stress.

Cats are a type of animals that are territorial in nature, so they use spraying as a method to mark territory. A cat uses the scent of its urine to locate the area that it owns. The whiff of the cat’s urine will alert other cats and animals to get off its property. It is natural for cats to spray on things, so be a little patient towards your cat.

Animals use a substance called pheromones to communicate. Cats that are in heat spray and pheromones are released together with the urine. This hormone is similar to fingerprints because animals use this to recognize the kind of creature that sprayed in the location. Often, this hormone is released when cats are in heat. This advertises to other cats that the one who sprayed is looking for a mate. When cats are in heat, they are drawn by the scent of the urine sprayed by another cat. This is already an open invitation for the other cat. Kittens will be born later on as a result of the process.

Eliminating of stress is another reason why cats spray. Cats spray when they see another cat. Even other animals can pose as threat to cats, so it sprays. Spraying makes a cat release the stress that it feels so do not worry when you see a cat do it.

It is reasonable for a cat to spray but it cannot be helped if you get irritated by the smell of it. The problem is sometimes the cat sprays inside the house. The urine can discolor furniture and leave foul odor. Stop the activity at once by shooing it away before it gets to spray.

Spaying or neutering the cat is the most effective way of eliminating the behavior of spraying. This applies to both male and female cats. After neutering or spaying, the cat will stop its spraying activity. For example, after being neutered, a male cat will not spray anymore because it will not need to mate. Before you spay or neuter your cat, think long about it if you really do not want to breed your cat. Do not spay or neuter a cat if you still wish to have kittens. It is best to look for a different method. It is best to ask for your vet’s opinion regarding spraying if you do not want to sterilize your cat.

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Stopping Your Cat’s Attempt To Spray

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Stopping Your Cat’s Attempt To Spray

This article was published on 2011/06/24