Training Cats and Correcting Bad Cat Behavior

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Training cats and correcting bad cat behavior is something that is very essential for any cat owner. Cats are very loving and compassionate creatures that are not always as loving and compassionate as we would like. They can get into mischief quite often and the question is how we can get them to be well behaved. Cats are like children; we have to instill good behaviors and good tendencies in them. How can we succeed at training such a beautiful creature when we can not communicate with them as we can with a child?

It is very possible to be successful at training cats and correcting bad cat behavior. It will definitely take time and patience, but very necessary time and patience. All the time and effort you put into disciplining your cat can easily be used constructively to train your cat. I personally would rather put the time into training a cat when I first get it, rather than spending the entire cats' life disciplining him/her. I myself have two precious female cats that were quite destructive at one point in time. I first had Princess, my all black cat, and she thought that my hands and feet were toys. When she was a little kitten it was not bad because she really did not hurt me when she scratched and bit me. As Princess got older, she was puncturing my skin when she was playing. Every time I went somewhere people would always ask why I had scratches all over my hands and arms. It was actually quite embarrassing, so I decided I had to put an end to this destruction and learned about training cats and how to correct bad cat behavior.

While searching for information on training cats I came across a program online that saved me. I saved myself the embarrassment I faced previously, and my flesh, when I applied what this guide taught me! It was so successful that I decided to get my second cat, Katie! Now, I was in a completely different situation. When I originally got Princess she was only 6 months old, but when I got Katie she was 9 years old. I did not know how to introduce the cats to one another, I did not know how Princess would be having another cat, and I did not know how Katie would react. I referred back to the guide that I purchased and it answered every question I could ever have! Now, Princess, Katie, and I live in peace and harmony! I could not ask for a better guide for training cats and correcting bad cat behavior.

One of the tricks I learned from this program was how to make sure they used the litter box. I learned that in order to make sure they hit it every time I needed to completely remove the smells from the places where they had "missed". I also had to confine their area some so that they were always near the litter box. This way they would both learn where it was and that is where to go. Another thing that helped me was to put the box in a place where they "missed" a lot. If they like going there then a litter box should be there. Sometimes you might have to put more than one box out while they are learning and slowly reduce the numbers until they fully learn.

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Training Cats and Correcting Bad Cat Behavior

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This article was published on 2010/04/01