What Does Your Cat's Behavior Mean?

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It is not an unusual thing for cats to walk their own path.  They don't mind the owner as long as they provide food, water, clean litter, and a place to sleep.  However, we also know that cats like to act in ways that let us know something.  Sometimes we just can't figure out what it is.  We get confused and in spite of our best intentions, we do something that frustrates our cat.  It is no secret that cats and humans don't speak the same language but there are ways to learn how to communicate.

A common thing that cats to do is to push their head into certain objects.  It might be a table leg, your leg or anything else that is firm, easy to go around, and something that does not move or wiggle.  This also happens to your visitors' legs sometimes!

Cats rub their heads against people as a sign of possession.  When doing this, the cat puts a small portion of saliva on the person that, to him, means he owns that person.

If he puts some of his saliva on something or someone, it becomes more familiar to him.  Even if you or your friends might not like it this action, it is a way through which the cat tries to cope with the new situation or person.  The cat is putting a mark on different things which allows him feel safer.

Although marking objects or people with saliva makes a cat feel more secure, this is a main cause of allergies. Even worse, after you wipe off the saliva your cat will return to mark you again.  Some people say that cats do this because they are mean and want you to constantly suffer. This is not true at all; the cat is only trying to mark you or the visitor as someone who's allowed into the house.  Allow your cat to rub his head against your friend's pants and this will take care of the problem.

You probably often see your cat sitting or lying on the window sill.  Sometimes when the cat sees something outside, he gets very excited and makes strange noises.  Seeing this for the first time may cause you think that there's something wrong with with him.  Don't worry; your cat is only acting on his hunting instinct.  This happens when he's trying to actually catch the prey that he sees outside.

Most cats don't only eat and sleep. They also love playing.  Cats love toys that move around and make noise.  Most cats also like it when you play with them.  If there is something laying on the ground and it's not very big, most likely your cat will eventually mess around with it.  Very often they are satisfied with something you would consider trash.  Cats hit it with their paws and chase it until it falls under something they cannot get under.  If you try to stop them, you may end up having a lot of broken belongings that your cat destroyed.  You can prevent this by giving your cat something that he's interested in and will not cause damage.  The best solution would be for you to play with your cat yourself.  That way, your cat will be satisfied and will not attempt to destroy things.

Cats usually behave in an odd manner to manifest some feeling or let you know about something.  With time, you will see more and more of this kind of behavior and it means that your cat is trying to communicate me you.  Try to understand your cat, it is possible.  This is the best way to avoid a lot of problems.

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What Does Your Cat's Behavior Mean?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03