Why All Cat Owners Should Understand Cat Behavior

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If you want to get the most from owning a cat you need to learn about cat behavior. You will then be able to avoid many of the problems that cat owners struggle with and have a fun and loving relationship with your pet.

If you experience problem behavior by your cat and react in the wrong way it will result in you and your cat being stressed. So how do you train a cat? Well, a cat cannot be trained in the same way as a dog and if you show anger when a cat has done something wrong that will just make the situation worse.

Unfortunately a cat will not relate your reaction with whatever they have just done but might learn from your behavior that you are someone to be wary of. The cat might learn to be careful when you are around but will still do what you don't like at other times.

"Training" a cat is about understanding why they are doing something then eliminating the problem or getting them to associate the unwanted action with an unpleasant outcome whilst, in many cases, you offer a more pleasant alternative.

The sort of problems you can tackle with the right knowledge include:

* Scatching Furniture - Scratching is a natural instinct for cats and something you cannot stop. However, you can provide the cat with an alternative which he can use instead of your furniture. You then have to make it attractive for him to do so.
* Biting Unexpectedly - If a cat starts biting they may be in pain in which case a visit to the vet is required. If this is not the case the reason for this behavior needs to be found and controlled.
* Spraying - Spraying is when a cat seeks to mark its territory, find a mate or maybe relieve stress by "spraying" a strong smelling mix of urine and pheromones. This behavoir can be tackled a number of ways but the cause needs to be determined first. It is important to be sure that the cat is spraying rather than just urinating in the wrong place as the action required is different.
* Litterbox Issues - Sometimes cats refuse to use a litterbox and make a mess elsewhere. The cause is usually fairly easy to find and correct.
* Relations with other cats - If you introduce a new cat into the household it must be done very carefully to prevent problems with your existing pet. Avoiding conflict in a multi-cat household requires careful management.

The more you know about your pet and his behavior, the better you can solve the problems you have with your pet and the better pet owner you will be. With a bit of understanding, you can have a more fulfilling and peaceful relationship with your cat.
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Why All Cat Owners Should Understand Cat Behavior

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This article was published on 2011/04/08